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Planning & Architecture

Q17. What is the status of the Master Plan?
A. Following over 24 months of study, a comprehensive Master Plan for Almogran has been prepared using major international consultants. The Master Plan for Almogran CBD has been approved by the Khartoum Planning Commission whilst the Master Plan for Almogran Residential Estate is currently being refined before final submittal to the Commission.

Q18. Why have design guidelines?
A. Design Guidelines are there to protect the best interests of all investors by ensuring that:
• the resultant built environment is of high visual and structural quality,
• that a vibrant pedestrian-friendly commercial district is created,
• that viewscapes of individual properties are protected,
• that overall density is managed, to avoid traffic problems as well potential problems of market oversupply,
• that individual property developments do not adversely affect their neighbours.

Q19. How do I know what I am allowed to build?
A. A Land Use Plan is available that establishes the type of facility that may be provided on each parcel of land and the height to which it can be built. If more detailed information is required the purchaser can arrange to meet with the Developer’s Programme Management Office where a member of staff will be available to explain all development guidelines.

Q20. How does the approval process work?
A. After purchasing the land, investors are encouraged to attend a Pre-Project meeting with the Alsunut PDA (see below) to discuss the overall planning and architectural processes and requirements. Then the investor and his appointed design consultant will need to submit a Development Application to the Alsunut PDA, showing the concept design of the intended development. If the design is within the parameters of the Land-use Plan and Design Guidelines then the investor will be granted approval to commence detailed design. Once the design documentation process is finished then the investor must resubmit to Alsunut PDA for a Construction Permit. Provided that the design complies with the Building Codes for the Almogran area then the investor will be issued with a permit to commence construction.

Q21. How long do I have until I have to start building?
A. Construction must substantially commence within 18 months from the date of purchase.

Q22. What does the Public Development Authority (PDA) do?
A. The role of the PDA is to protect the investments and interests of all landowners and occupiers of the Almogran Area. It does this by:

- The management of planning and building approval processes.
- The enforcement of Urban Design Guidelines, Building Codes and Health and Environment Regulations.
- Giving advice on investment procedures and regulations in Sudan. It is a one stop centre through which investors will deal.
- Assist investors where required by facilitating the coordination with relevant government and third party agencies.
- Ensure that the all infrastructure elements (roads, parks and gardens, water supply, waste treatment and telecommunications, power, etc) are properly kept and maintained at all times. Wherever services are operated by third parties then the maintenance of those elements shall become the responsibility of those parties.
- The management of open spaces.
- Collection of rates to cover operational and maintenance costs

Q23. What will be the philosophy in relation to parking?
A. There will be a certain requirement on each investor to provide a number of car parking bays within their basements, that number being based on a formula for each different land use type. The intent, however, is to provide enough parking for the optimum number of cars that the Almogran Business District can comfortably accommodate without excessive congestion. To cater for the balance of parking needs a large Park and Ride facility has been planned adjacent to the New White Nile Bridge Road. Here patrons can park their cars and transfer to the regular bus service that will circulate throughout the city, providing convenient connection to all locations within the city centre.


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