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The Public Development Authority

The Public Development Authority (PDA) is an independent autonomous body to be formed by a legislative act to manage and up keep (Mogran Area Development) owned by Alsunut Development Company Ltd. A (Board of Overseers) consisting of members from the two partners will supervise and monitor the PDA performance.

(To develop and manage a world class public authority that will become a primary source of support for the community it serves)

The PDA’s mission is to provide friendly and effective public services to its clients, advocate the public interest, protect the owners’ investment and to become a role model for effective civil service in Sudan, the Middle East and Africa.

Representing the new era (modern) of public service in Sudan, characterized by excellence, transparency, and friendship.

Duties of the PDA:

The major duties of the proposed Mogran-Alsunut PDA are:


  1. Administer and manage building and construction approval process.

  2. Ensure adherence to the Zoning Regulations and Urban Design Guidelines,

  3. Supervise & enforce compliance with building codes, health and environment regulations during and after construction. 

  4. Operate and maintain the infrastructure, public landscaping, parks, and open spaces.

  5. Provide, operate and coordinate Community Services, such as public transport services, waste collection, security, police and fire protection services (government provided), education (private sector-provided), and community centers.   

  6. To act as a one-stop information/referral center

  7. Assist Alsunut with the development and approval process of the PDA Charter.

  8. Develop, manage and maintain membership/landowners database.


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