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Phase I: Almogran Central Business District


Total Land Area:                       160  acres

Saleable Plots, by Land Use:

Office 25
Office w/GF Retail 18
Apts w/GF Retail 13(1200 est. apartments)
Hotels 7
Total 63

Gross Floor Area (projected)


  (Sq m) (Sq ft)
Office 1,104,000 11,883,000
Hotel 156,000 1,679,000
Retail 120,000 1,292,000
Apartments 236,000 2,540,000
Total  1,616,000 17,394,000


Projected population:      50,000  employees

                                      6,500  residents & hotel guests


Support facilities:          
Shops:   Ground floor retail opportunities for all plots.

Parks:    19 acres of parks & open space, including 2 parks and the riverfront promenade and plaza.


Leisure facilities:           
In addition to the park facilities and riverfront promenade, opportunities exist for commercially developed leisure facilities such as cinemas, edutainment centres, fitness clubs, etc. Most apartment buildings & hotels will have recreational facilities such as swimming pools and fitness clubs.


Car parking spaces:      
15,100 both private and public

Public transport:   Almogran central business district will provide a park & ride facility, combined with its own public transport circulator service.

Petrol station: 1


Almogran business district will include provision of distribution/collection systems for all major services (power, water, telecoms, sewers, irrigation, fire mains, storm drainage), and development of generation/treatment plants (power plant, water treatment plant and wastewater treatment plant).


Construction start:         October 1, 2005

Build-out:                      3-5 years


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